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Since 1993, Cimetrix has helped companies across Canada, with comprehensive solutions consisting of 3D Printing technology, implementation and training services. A recognized authority in 3D Printing and it's advanced applications, Cimetrix has represented Stratasys 3D Printers and Solutions for over 14 years.We specialize in supporting high requirement applications which include tooling and end part manufacturing leveraging 3D printing. Our award winning support staff are Stratasys Factory Certified to support the complete Stratasys product portfolio. With our headquarters in Oshawa, ON. we support our customers across Canada with 4 regional offices.

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By combining multiple colors and materials in a single 3D printed model, Connex3 changes what’s possible and feasible with limited time and budgets. 


Connex 3 : The New Versatility Standard In 3D Printing

The Connex3’s ability to shift between detailed, high-concept prototypes and tough production applications make it an invaluable addition to any company’s production floor. 


Realistic multi-material models & prototypes

Simple workflow using Stratasys Creative Colours Software Powered by Adobe

Strong manufactruing aids and prototypes using Digital ABS 



Most physical objects, both natural and manufactured, are composed of multiple materials. But producing realistic multi-material models requires a multi-step process that grows more costly as additional fabrication, assembly, and finishing steps are introduced. This makes realistic prototypes and complex tools difficult and expensive to produce.